Рейтинг - яхты и катера

Under power

The Tattoo 26 offers high speed powering without compromising sailing performance. Its high speed under power opens up a variety of activities and destinations that are not available to conventional sailboats.

The 26 is a really good powerboat. With the 60 hp outboard the 26 can attain speeds of up to 20 mph – enough to pull a water-skier! Even at these high speeds it has a remarkably comfortable and stable ride.

The specially designed hull has a very sharp entry which efficiently slices through the waves. It is highly maneuverable, requiring only a light touch on the wheel to hold a perfect course or to make sharp turns. With a full ballast tank it can achieve speeds of up to 12 mph. However, top speed is obtained with an empty ballast tank and a small crew.

The engine size is limited to 60 hp for a number of reasons:

  • An electric start 60 hp motor can provide a lot of speed without compromising sailing performance.
  • It is about the largest engine that can be started by hand – offering a valuable backup option when faced with a dead battery.
  • The 60 hp is more economical on fuel than the heavier, higher horsepower engines, and is also about the largest engine that can realistically be picked up and moved around.

Ample fuel storage is provided on the boat. There are storage hatches in the cockpit that will hold 2 12-gallon (U.S.) fuel tanks. For safety, these compartments are completely isolated from the interior of the boat.

If you are not interested in high speed powering, the boat performs well with a 10 hp engine.