Рейтинг - яхты и катера

On trailer

The Tattoo 26 is far lighter than competing trailerable cruisers, and can be towed behind many family cars.

The 26 is under 8′ wide (less than most competitors) and comes with an aluminum road trailer.

The launching procedure is simple. One person can raise the mast, launch the boat and sail away in 10 – 15 minutes!

The car is reversed down the ramp until the boat just starts to float free of the trailer (normally the car tires will be just touching the water). The bow line is released and one person gets on the boat, starts the motor, and powers the boat off the trailer.

To recover the boat, the procedure is reversed. Under outboard power (it can be done under sail, but not as easily), the boat is driven onto the trailer until it hits the bow stop at the front of the trailer. With the motor still running to keep the nose of the boat pressed against the bow support, the crew goes forward and down the trailer ladder. The bow line is then connected and the boat is winched in tight.

Once the 26 is launched, it needs only 12″ of water to float. It will sail in places that most other boats simply cannot go. Unlike most other trailerable cruisers, the 26 has a daggerboard that retracts completely into the hull, allowing the boat to be launched and beached without fear of damage to the daggerboard system.